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Cooking Without Sugar
Cooking Without Eggs

I take vitamins daily, but just the bare essentials not what you'd call supplements. I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products. 

-  -Clint Eastwood

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'Chocolate Shake'

For a great-tasting energy boost at any time of the day.

Mix in a blender until smooth.

2 bananas
1 cup soaked, sprouted, brown sesame seeds (230 ml)
2 cups water (460 ml)
2 tbsp. carob (30 ml)
A drop of almond extract

Thanks to Carol McKenna for this recipe.


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Amanda's 'Raspberry Surprise Smoothie

My 7 Year old daughter Amanda likes to help when making smoothies. One day she surprised us both by asking if she could put chocolate rice dream in the smoothie blend We tried it and to our surprise - yum!
1 cup organic o/j
1/2 large banana
1 cup frozen rasberries
1/2 to 1 cup chocolate Rice Dream
( adjust raspberries and chocolate Rice Dream to your taste and you can even add a few frozen strawberries too)

Submitted by: Mona



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Banana Date Almond Smoothie

This shake got my husband off of milkshakes It's the best!

Handful of raw almonds (Preferably soaked for a few hours.)
4-5 fresh dates
2-3 frozen bananas (Make sure the bananas are ripe when you freeze them. Brown spots are good.)
Water to the consistency of a milk shake.

Blend and enjoy.

You can add vanilla or cinnamon to this shake it gives a great taste.



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Blueberry and Spinach

1 cup organic frozen blueberries
2 cups fresh organic spinach
1 bananna
1/4 cup water

Combine all in a blender.......a delicious way to start off your day!!

Submitted by: Robin Mohr


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Cantaloupe surprize

Fruit Smoothie with Cantaloupe, Banana and Dates
A healthful all fruit, non-dairy "milkshake" substitute
(3-4 servings)

1 - Cantaloupe
1 - Banana
6 - Pitted Dates


This recipe is best prepared in a high-powered blender such as a Vita-Mix.   If a smaller blender is used, we suggest that the recipe be cut in half for each batch. 

It is also best to refrigerate the fruit several hours before preparing the Fruit Smoothie.  To make the Smoothie even colder, the Banana could be peeled, cut into pieces and frozen.

Thoroughly wash the Cantaloupe.   Cut into sections.  Remove the seeds and rind.  Place into the blender.  Add the peeled Banana and the Pitted Dates.  If the fruit is warm, we suggest adding 1or 2 cups of ice.  Cover the blender and run at "high" until the Dates are thoroughly blended into the Smoothie (about 1-minute).  Serve in a tall glass with a straw, and enjoy.  A Fruit Smoothie also makes a great breakfast.


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